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Winnie Goes to School
Joy K. Ball

Winnie longs to discover the magic of books, but to become part of the story she will need to sneak into the school. What could possibly go wrong?

Follow Winnie the curious Cactus Wren on this whimsical story filled with adventure and fun. Will Winnie join the children and learn how to behave in school? Grab your copy to find out.

Winnie Goes to School is a fun and educational story that is perfect for every home and school library. Along the way, look for other interesting plants and animals you will see inhabiting the Sonoran Desert.

What a thoughtful gift for your child's classroom!.

Manuela Pentangelo 

Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve

How do you produce a flying sleigh on Christmas Eve, complete with nine flying reindeer? (Hint - it's not okay to steal Santa's).
Sascha has just hours to deliver the impossible, or face the wrath of his not-friend Mary-Alice, who's been dreaming the impossible all year.
Can he bring her down to earth? Should he leave her up there?
It's all designer scarves, reindeer lattes and shiny objects as Mary-Alice cracks the whip high above Landfill. But when science goes overboard and reality strikes her magical journey, will Sascha and Luca dare stand up to her? And is that even safe, in a sleigh?
Sascha Martin's Christmas Eve: It's a Magical Journey, or Else!

"It's a Magical Journey, or Else!"

John Arthur Nichol